Strangers To Creation


Civilization's Toll on the human psyche.

Strangers to Creation (Book In Progress)

We are strangers to creation, including our own; that is, those we that human beings have constructed: civilization and our very own personal lives. This book, drawing deeply from psychology, anthropology, history and philosophy, forwards the argument that true self knowledge is impossible without becoming aware of how interconnected these two failure are. We have been lying to ourselves for nearly six thousand years now about the value and ethos of civilization. There is no way out unless we confront this truth straight on. Doing so gives us the possibility of a more cogent and meaningful inner life, one that is intimately tied to the well-being of our fellow human begins and indeed the rest of life on Earth.

This book is provided in PDF, WORD and EBOOK Files and will be delivered via e-mail, upon purchase.  This book is not yet complete, pre-orders may be filled immediately but will not be available until January 2017

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