About Me

My name is Kevin Nelson.


I am recently retired from a career in health care services. My first book—how to organize and advocate for yourself or a loved-one to obtain the best possible medical care—came out of that experience.

Now, I seeking to write full-time about a range of subjects but always centered on the human condition. My first endeavor in this area, Strangers to Creation, is about our alienation from nature, civilization and ourselves.

I am in the midst of writing about this exceedingly rich and fertile subject to which this web site is dedicated and hope to have it available by the end of 2016. It is an immense subject and runs the risk of either becoming overwhelming or just not being specific enough. I will therefore write about these ideas here with the objective of gaining insight and perspective from the community of readers and thinkers.



Sidling down the aisles

of stark fact black and

white value shifting

noise jutting

constant staccato

product renderings

performance enhanced

inane blending

ever present clear

and pleasant crisp

clean sheen of hard

edged form-framed

pupil bulging rhythms

at scatter dot patterns

digital insertions and

findings rich meta data

driven factoid tailings

failure failing

zero time market

marketing constructed

versions of the way

things are and will be.

Nighttime visitations know

what you ignored

before in wet sweated

sheets awaking

head shaking free of

until going forth again

caught up in the vortex

of the order of things

so readily revealing

interiors are murky places

(less well known than dark

Africas while virtual space

has more substance)

alongside assertions of

real world fixtures

pronouncing to you

and any others

who may appear

here that it seems

we are strangers

to creation,

including our own.