PREFACE   I seek not to complicate or to over-simplify. I seek not the average or the prosaic, and I soundly reject all forms of spurious metaphysics, particularly that pertaining to fantasy and mysticism. I seek not the golden mean or some mythical middle path and I spit out1 “moderation in all things”, the greatest […]

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Introducing The Antibuddha

Note: I recently finished a book entitled The Antibudda which I am going to subject my audience to. Please do not take offense at the contents. I believe there something for everyone to dislike within its pages, but consider applying your disagreements to strengthen your sacred beliefs and strongly-held positions. Thank you.   Here is a synopsis: […]

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Reality Redux

My last post was written in the absurdist vein because I felt ridiculous trying to tell anyone about reality. As I indicated, that doesn’t stop most people, so we need a way to talk about this subject without being patronizing and narcissistic as in: “I have the answers and you don’t.” One way for me […]

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This is, like, the most intimidating title evaaarrrhh! I switch to humor to mask my feelings of inadequacy In a different mood, enhanced by hubris and a legal substance or two (when I was writing the previous post) I thought I knew what reality was, or is, or, whatevaaarrrhh! It’s not working, just thinking about […]

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Getting back to Reality

There is no shortage of injunctions to “keep it real.” That’s one right there. Squaring your life with reality… …is at the heart of every religion and spiritual tradition out there, or should I say in there? It is the basis of psychology and its exhortations to be healthy (functional?), and, of course, teaching kids […]

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The Reach of Injustice

In the last post, I wrote about the ACEs study that showed a strong association between childhood abuse, neglect and mistreatment with poor school performance and behavior initially and elevated risk for health care problems later in life. I concluded by expressing my hope that the various communities and programs that use this study to […]

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And Neoliberalism for All – Part V

And Neoliberalism for All Well, even I know I got to stop writing about neoliberalism, but just one more. The last four characteristics of neoliberalism to discuss are: Financial objectives over social objectives Corporations over workers Reduce taxes for wealthy/corporations Criminalization  We have mostly covered the first three of these, so just a few comments […]

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