Section 7 of the AntiBuddha

  I accept reality, and dare not question it; Materialism first and last imbuing. Walt Whitman4     The simplest way to conceive of existence or what existence is comprised is to see that it is based on physical material and processes. This is easily understood, consistent with most philosophy today, and, accurate. It is […]

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Other Worlds

It is curious how “cults” groups can outrage us so. Omnibus documentaries or magazine articles about them focus on the extremes and stir the pot, to be sure, but there more to it than that. We get angry at the bad cult people enticing innocent people to join the cult and we shake our heads […]

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Have you ever asked yourselves sufficiently how much the erection of every ideal on earth has cost? How much reality has had to be misunderstood and slandered, how many lies have had to be sanctified, how many consciences disturbed?                                  […]

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The modern age, which we could date back to 1500, has created us as much as we have created it.   Shakespeare, Erasmus and Montaigne were early commentators on developments in this strange new era. In eschewing the scientists and philosophers who helped shape the modern world thereafter, I select those, like Swift and Voltaire […]

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PREFACE   I seek not to complicate or to over-simplify. I seek not the average or the prosaic, and I soundly reject all forms of spurious metaphysics, particularly that pertaining to fantasy and mysticism. I seek not the golden mean or some mythical middle path and I spit out1 “moderation in all things”, the greatest […]

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Introducing The Antibuddha

Note: I recently finished a book entitled The Antibudda which I am going to subject my audience to. Please do not take offense at the contents. I believe there something for everyone to dislike within its pages, but consider applying your disagreements to strengthen your sacred beliefs and strongly-held positions. Thank you.   Here is a synopsis: […]

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